Boar pig

We are selling our black boar pig. Proven boar with excellent genetics. He is out of our prized sow- she is a solid black commerial pig. Our boar is extremely calm and docile. He weighs around 400 lbs...Great animal


Selling our sow pig. She weighs close to 400 lbs.. She came from registered Hereford stock. The sow has had 2 batches of piglets so far the last batch produced 12 piglets. Downsizing our farm.
We have a variety of very nice beef heifers for sale. We have a black baldy heifer calf that weighs about 500lbs. She is very calm and docile. Asking 750.00We have 2 herford heifers 1st time that calved this fall. Plan is to switch them to spring calving cows. Both VERY calm and gentle. Small small frame cows. Would make great hobby farm cows. They weigh about 800lbs. Asking 850.00We have 2 bre...


Piglets ready to go. Just 3 left. Born in October. Their mom is Hereford and the dad is a black commercial boar. Very nice pigs
This is an original oilacrylic on canvas framed with beautiful birch limbs. The painting is titled A Western Gale - Lower Whitefish and was painted by Minnesota artist Tom Knauer. It shows a blue Heron flying between the points that mark the entrance to Pig Lake from Lower Whitefish Lakeat a time when there were not so many people around. These lakes are on the Whitefish chain of lakes north of...